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110minsQuick overview

Revisiting Priorities Listing

We've started #1 and #2. Priorities #3 and #4 are worth digging into a bit more (background reading at and there is a new #14 priority in our list.


Author name variants - UI Proposal and discussion

Status update on UI for relationship lookups in the submission forms (Atmire).

Based on the work done for Mockups for the Submission process with support for the Author (Person Entity) first version: we propose to visually enhance the process to allow the user to pick the author name from the name variants.

Please check at:

RCAAP and All
410minsSupport for defining relationship lookups in the submission formsBased on the feedback on, it should be determined whether any of the suggestions should be changed, and how all the details can be included in that caseAll
510minsLabels on relationshipsClarification on labels of relationships:

Metadata fields for each Entity type

The discussion started at "DS-4223 Metadata Schemas for configurable entities" -, regarding the missing Orcid ID. We need to decide what which strategy to follow, not only for Orcid IDs, but also to other Entity IDs fields, like Organization ISNI or Ringgold which none of them is supported by or Dublin Core. The proposed strategies are:

  • Rely on the DC specification for identifiers - dc.identifier, the values will be stored in the type of a URI - dc.identifier.uri
  • It will be created a set of non standard dc.identifier qualifiers (we already have some), like dc.identifier.orcid, dc.identifier.isni, ... and each installer will decide the best way to manage their qualifiers
  • Rely on the to add new specific fields, for example it supports the DUNS number in the Organization schema
75minsWrap-up and Assigning tasks
  • Assign tasks / PRs to review (as needed)
  • Next Meeting is Tues, July 16.