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  • Spec 22 revisions. Here's a link to the differences from our baseline draft (18). The main focus of this draft is turning the normalization description into a list of numbered steps on page 17. Please have a look at this before the meeting. 

Discussion items



  • Tom will provide example of their post-encoding (64bit integer in base31 encoding – eg take out 0 vs O)
  • Greg will review text on normalization to make sure his concerns are met
  • All should review their position on externalizing persistence statements
  • Tom will review 5.1.2 more carefully to see if he has issues
  • All should review  section 2.2  Label (language on old and new form language ark:  ark:/)
  • All should please make comments on spec to the list

I also made a few very small changes (removing an email address, pointing the NAAN registry at a non-CDL URL). The whole spec needs a thorough review, eg, I'm we might want to drop all of section 4 (but that's a discussion for later).

Action items