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NameOrganizationTitle/RolePersonal Statement
Stefano CossuJ. Paul Getty TrustSoftware Architect

I spent 6 years at the Art Institute of Chicago as the Director of Application Services, Collections where I introduced Fedora as well as other open source technologies and data preservation strategies for the museum's cataloging systems and DAMS.

Recently I moved to the Getty trust where I oversee and develop a large-scale IIIF architecture, however I have maintained my interest in data repositories and Fedora by participating in the Fedora Steering group and developing a Fedora implementation in my spare time.

As a former Fedora Leaders chair and a member of the Fedora governance since 2015, as well as a representative of the museum sector in the Fedora community, I have been deeply involved in collaborating to face the technical and community-related challenges encountered in these recent years and to build a long-term strategy and vision for Fedora as a software product, an API specification and a community. I hope to continue serving this leadership group as a community representative and to enrich the strategic dialogue with use cases from my current institution.

John EdendiscoverygardenCEO
Dan FieldNational Library of WalesHead of Software DevelopmentI am the Head of Software Development at the National Library of Wales where I have been in direct contact with Fedora for 14 years since we first adopted.  As an institution, we have previously held Platinum membership although, for financial reasons this has since ceased, however, we are looking at this again. We are also a founding member of the IIIF consortium. Like many, we are currently still on version 3.8.1 of Fedora but are mid-migration planning for an upgrade to 5.1 and beyond within the next 6 months. We are already re-engaging with the community having attended both Fedora Camp Atlanta and Open Repositories this year myself with several co-workers also in attendance. I feel We as an institution boast a large 4 million object repository with diversely modelled cultural collections from Newspapers, Journals, Photographs, Archives, Wills, Maps and more. Our experience in building rich custom interfaces with IIIF and Solr along with bespoke workflows built on Camel, microservices and integration with many other popular Library software solutions from Ex Libris (Alma, Primo), Artifactual (Atom, Archivematica) gives us a great platform to contribute back to the community both our knowledge and experience. We also hope to offer developer resources to future sprints or spin-off projects as required. Alongside my repository experience, I also have an interest in DevOps and Ethical Hacking/Web Application Security