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  •  All: Raise the topic of how to get better data on who is installing/using what versions of Fedora with the Communication and Community strategy groups.
  •  Governance Group - Review subgroups and organization before end of JuneJennifer Vinopal Rosalyn Metz 
  •  Maurice York and Robin Lindley Ruggaber to ask their teams how things are currently structured on disk to compare against the OCFL spec.
    •  Robin - the structure on disc is the way the Samvera stack structures them (for Fedora 4). Did not receive a satisfactory answer for Fedora 3. Not sure if we will move that forward. But we expect to be able to migrate. 


  • We do not have a quorum. 


  • ACTION - Produce a list of Leaders, dates of Terms. Aiming for early next week. 
  • David is meeting with international Fedora users after OR. Perhaps find some candidates there. 
  • Extend the deadline? Any objections? ACTION - Erin to tell David the leaders present would like to extend the deadline to Juen 18 to 
  • Erin proposes nominating the new member from Japan. Mikiko Tanifuji.