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(If you have an agenda suggestion/addition, please leave a comment!)


  1. User documentation (wiki)
  2. Deployment documentation (github)


  • Updates
    • DuraSpace team: focused on the the merger, so not much DuraCloud activity
    • TDL: The TCDL conference was last week
      • A few more folks interested in the replication task suite. It's broken in version 6.3, hoping this gets resolved in 6.4
      • A lot of folks wanting to push data from DSpace to DuraCloud
      • DPN data: UT and Texas A&M will just re-ingest with Chronopolis
        • UT Rio Grange - Planning to re-ingest
        • Trinity Univ - Have 3 snapshots (not even 100 GB), but haven't indicated what they will be doing
      • TCDL: Will be moving forward with DPLA
      • Finalized developer roadmap: BPress to DSpace, DSpace 7 review
      • Nick just needs time to get back to DuraCloud dev work
      • SCUFUG (Fedora User Group): Texas A&M, UT, Houston
        • Working to migrate content from Fedora 3.8 to 4
        • OCFL discussed at length, this just makes sense
        • Some questions about Fedora 5 migration tooling
  • Development work
    • Nick has a list of work to do
    • Danny should have some time in June, may look at 
      serverDuraSpace JIRA
  • UT Rio Grande valley asked about Spanish language support. Certain files have non-ASCII characters.
    • This should be fine as long as content is sent in UTF-8 (which is handled by the SyncTool)


  •  Bill Branan will check with Andrea about  in-progress tickets