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  • Translations can go out on the user lists and slack channels at the same time as the announcement is released by DuraSpace.
  • Would be nice for multi-language tweets to go out from the DuraSpace/DSpace accounts. Carol can do this, or can find the tagged tweets and retweet them.
  • Need to check with Tim about release of the tweets; when will it be ready? If we can make it 10 am ET for Thursday, if not then 10am ET Monday
  • Tricky to time for the release of the tweet coordinated with the language and time zone. But it would be valuable to spread out the promotion. 
  • Discussing DS 7: Heather reviewed items above. Pascal: very clear to say we are completely rebuilding the user interface DSpace 7. This is helpful for people to understand the impact. 
    • Do we want to say anything about the combination of DS 6 and DS 7 are a complete new codebase? This is useful for a deeper conversation about why there has been delay. 
    • Delay is also a tricky word. Based on what? Hard to determine timing for community-driven software. We are not breaking a promise. The software is taking the time that it is taking to be complete. We're working with many stakeholders and we are very transparent about our next milestone. Still important to get it out as quickly as possible. 
    • More than delays it is about challenges. Challenges of working on the most complex release ever, in a community context. There are challenges we will work to overcome together. 
    • We won't talk about delays, we will focus on the open aspect of the project and the community focus
    • Community has added more features and effort so it is taking more time
  • OR2019 merchandise
    • Buttons for DSpace, 4 of them, less costly. 100 of each. Pascal is helping with the t-shirt printer in Germany, emailing with them and will call directly. Having them produced in country is much less expensive. 
  • Repository rodeo - Pascal will represent DSpace
    • Pascal would like to get feedback on these questions. Heather will send a Google doc after the meeting.
    • Can we show growth of the community? Registry over time? DuraSpace has numbers for user-contributed data
    • Does GitHub provide a download statistic for the repo?
    • What data do we need to collect? 
    • Many recent DSpace installations in Germany so that is exciting. 
  • Marketing schedule update
    • Will update after OR and look to our next promotional opportunities
  • Draft feature comparison
    • Internal use, nothing has been verified but trying to give us a sense of where we are. We could prepare something more vetted in the future.
    • Can we determine what is needed to vet this? Can service providers help with it?
    • Bram: super useful starting point. What to add to it but not certain about unambiguous interpretation of the features. There is some nuance to the feature offerings. For example, dangerous to say "modern user experience" might want to make more specific. 
    • Could be an excellent living document that we could keep up to date
    • Not an easy task but would be nice to ask people to work on this at OR. So people who know other repositories can actually add information about their repositories. Would be very valuable as a platform census-style exercise. How would we operationalize that? What could be next steps? 
    • This comparison has been done somewhere else? A blog?
    • We'll wait until more information about other software is presented at OR Repository Rodeo and then revisit

Action items from this meeting