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Comment: ACE_IMS hosted at TDL now instead of UMIACS

The Chronopolis system employs two software suites that interact with each other in order to provide bit-level preservation. The first, ChronCore, is a set of services which distribute data throughout the Chronopolis network. These services are named Intake, Ingest, and Replication. The second software suite employed by the Chronopolis network is the Audit Control Environment (ACE) which continually audits data in Chronopolis to ensure the integrity of both the checksums and files. ACE consists of both an Audit Manager (ACE-AM) which runs locally at each network node and an Integrity Management Service (ACE-IMS) which is a web service currently hosted by UMIACSTexas Digital Library (TDL).

In addition to the software used for distributing data through the network, there are additional services for tertiary tasks: