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Third, providing access to metadata demonstrates basic provider commitment. This adds credibility to the seriousness of the its intentions since not every object provider can return object metadata. Finally, adding basic metadata, especially for objects that don't have textual representations, makes your objects more findable. 


What is a NAAN and how do I change it? xxx

NAAN stands for Name Assigning Authority Number. It is a 5-digit number that identifies an individual or organization that can assign its own ARKs.

Obtaining a NAAN is the only condition before you can start assigning ARKs. NAANs are freely granted by any individual or organization that request a NAAN by filling this form:

ARKs were always meant to cover an enormous range of object types, xxx Dublin Core Kernel metadataNAANs ensure that ARKs don't collide at the global level, that is, that two separate organizations don't assign identical identifiers to two different things. In other words, NAANs are the cornerstone of global ARK unicity.

All NAANs are documented in a public NAAN registry.

What is meant by ARKs supporting early object development?


  • ARKs have seen broad adoption in cultural memory institutions – museums, archives, and libraries. There is strong adoption in France and francophone regions.
  • DOIs until recently have mostly been known as reliable identifiers for scientific and scholarly literature, when in fact this applies to a subset of DOIs assigned via Crossref. What it means to be a DOI is becoming harder to pin down because DOIs are being assigned to datasets, data management plans, field stations, etc. via DataCite, as well as to movies (eg, "Kung Fu Panda") via EIDRHaving said that, Crossref and DataCite DOIs have been successful in creating tools and services for scholarly publishers.
  • PURLs have seen lots of use in identifying metadata vocabulary and ontology terms.


How can I start assigning ARKs?

All you need to do is register using this form:

A short time after completing the form, a Name Assigning Authority Number will be assigned to you or your organization.