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We are dealing with several Identifier types within DSpace (CRIS), mostly kinds of Persistent Identifiers like DOI, Handle, URN, as well as ISBN, ISSN, URL or similar things. In many contexts it is necessary to know about the identifier type (for instance for lookup or for submission to DataCite or other services). Handling of identifiers is different: sometimes it's qualified as a qualifier in the metadata field (for example dc.identifier.doi or dc.publisher.doi), but this is not good extensible and requires some effort. So it would be nice to have a concept how to deal with these identifiers. A useful extension for that would be the automatic detection of the identifier type. Zenodo has such a mechanism by guessing and suggesting the identifier type. We would like to have such a mechanism for DSpace as well, in any cases, where different identifiers might be used. Zenodo is using a Python toolkit for that (, that might be useful to implement such a function.
This is not necessarily a CRIS feature only.
Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt ), State and University Library Hamburg (Phu Tu )

  • lobid integration

An integration of lobid ( would integrate the German Common Authority Record Database (GND) and other lobid services (like lobid-organisations) into DSpace. This could be useful in various contexts:


We would like to have that integration for the various lookup use cases as one more simplification to get content into the entities.
Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt ), State and University Library Hamburg (Phu Tu )

  • Connection of CRIS Entities (Project, Awards) via autocomplete with Publications

    New/Existing CRIS Entities like projects or awards (maybe "best papers") should be easily connected/disconnected by researchers with existing publications. We do not want our researcher to use the "Claim"-Functionality for that. A first time calculation from 4Science: 6 days (basics) + 4 days (delete funktionality) = 10 days work.
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )

  • Management of private CRIS Entities for researcher
    If a researcher sets a CRIS Entity as private (e.g. maybe an future project => See also RDMO integration) we wonder how he would manage these items in future (maybe to update them). A possible solution would be a special area for such cases in the MyDSpace-CRIS Site with the correct rights management (only one's private projects).
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )

  • OJS integration
    A published article in OJS should be pushed/looked up in DSpace (not necessarily a CRIS feature).
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )
    • This (push) can be done via SWORD. We manage a OJS 2 and DSpace-CRIS 5 installations connected in such way (Andrea Bollini (4Science) ). Pull usually happen via DOI lookup in crossref. A OJS3 plugin for SWORD also exists not yet tried

  • RDMO integration
    A researcher should be able to reuse his own project metadata stored in RDMO. Maybe connection via SWORD. 
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )