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  1. Download and install the latest 7.x version of Solr (installation instructions)
    1. The directory in which Solr is installed is referenced below as ${SOLR_HOME} (e.g. /opt/solr/solr-7.7.2)
    2. Package managers may result in ${SOLR_HOME} being different than the installation directory. You can confirm the value of ${SOLR_HOME} by visiting http://localhost:8983/solr and checking the value of "solr.solr.home" in the Java Properties list, or running 

      Code Block
      curl --silent http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/info/system | grep -e "solr_home"

  2. Add the vivocore directory of the vivo-solr GitHub repository and its contents into ${SOLR_HOME}/server/solr
    1. The end result should be a directory structure such as:

      No Format
                                    └── conf/
                                         ├── currency.xml
                                         ├── elevate.xml
                                         └── ... 

  3. Start Solr

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    ${SOLR_HOME}/bin/solr start

  4. Remove schema.xml from ${SOLR_HOME}/server/solr/vivocore/conf
    1. When solr was started it created the managed-schema automatically from the schema.xml and is no longer needed

  5. Update VIVO as below to point to the URL of your Solr

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    vitro.local.solr.url = http://localhost:8983/solr/vivocore 

  6. Start VIVO!
    1. Note: If VIVO was started before connecting to Solr, please restart VIVO.