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DSpace 7 Unique Selling Proposition

Bram accepted and rejected to keep the document short and focused on what is different in DS7 and what steering would like for us to promote. For example, Steering will not push back on the size of the community.

Susanna – interoperability should stay, will collect more information about the REST API, it is a new feature that a lot of work has gone into.

Bram – interoperability is talked about as being a game changer but it might give people the wrong idea about what standards are included

General agreement on the document as being ready. Document meant to be shared with the community for anyone marketing DS7, and for steering to review. ACTION Carol will share with Steering group

DSpace 7 preview release updateHeather Greer KleinThere has been recent concentrated work on getting the Entities feature "wrapped up" to create the "pull request" for the main codebase in preparation for final review before the Preview Release.The update is "we are behind"...but we might only be behind by a few weeks.  Preview Release may be possible in early to mid April.
OR2019 merchandising research
  • Costs for t-shirts
  • Other SWAG
Carol Minton Morris


Value Grocery Tote - 15" x 13" 200 = $332 (includes 1 color + set up fee) + 2nd color + tax/shipping

Value Grocery Tote - 13" x 12" 200 = $324 (includes 1 color + set up fee) + 2nd color + tax/shipping

Cotton Sheeting Natural Economy Tote - 15-1/2" x 15" - Full Color; 200 = $680 + tax/shipping

Gildan 5.3 oz. Cotton T-Shirt (must order either 144/$4.25e or 288/$3.75e)  Set-up charge: add $40 for the first color/location; add $15 for each additional color/location + tax/shipping

Hanes Tagless T-Shirt  (must order either 144/$4.99e or 288/$4.49e)  Set-up charge: add $40 for the first color/location; add $15 for each additional color/location + tax/shipping

T-Shirts printed in Germany: 2€ for two colors printing + 2€ for a shirt (or more depending on quality) x 19%VAT => 4,76€ per shirt + shipping 

500 DSpace stickers approximately $225 + tax and shipping.

Rectangular Button - 2" x 3" - 250 = $247 + tax and shipping

100 Round Buttons - 3,8cm = 83,78€ + shipping (tax included)

500 Round Buttons - 3,8cm = 188,02€ + shipping (tax included)

500 DSpace stickers - 5cm - white background = 99,37€ + shipping (tax included)

500 DSpace stickers - 5cm - transparent background = 142,97€ + shipping (tax included)

T shirts will take a big bite out of our budget. Do we want to go with Tshirts? Pascal: I think we should have t shirts, 1,000 Euros likely a little less. Carol: is there a website to see the shirts? Pascal will add a link, there are many Tshirt styles.

Carol: many groups create a spacial design for OR, what do we want to put on the tshirt? Do we want just the logo? Pascal: front should be logo only, a small shirt pocket style logo. Maybe something else on the back of the shirt. Expect we will have another marketing budget starting in July.

Bram: our presence will be good at OR, should think about having a presence at other conferences. Pascal: we will have another marketing budget after July, should make OR a really strong showing.

Group agrees tshirts are needed. Will look into the printer in Germany that Pascal has located. ACTION Carol will put some designs with the logo together for the tshirt. Pascal: the new logo is something new for most people, so the logo alone with the URL on the sleeve.

Pascal: want to emphasize that DSpace is "the new old repository" Carol: not sure about using the word old. Susanna: need to stress the word new.

Heather: Sounds like we have a direction to go, with the logo tshirt, and we can do that more quickly. The buttons we can brainstorm, it sounds like we have a direction with countering the perception in the wider community.

Pascal: different buttons, several styles. Heather: could have special buttons for people who can talk about DS7 with those who are interested.

ACTION Carol and Heather will determine next steps. Brainstorm what to put on the buttons.

Pascal: postcards with testimonials? Carol: we should have printed materials for certain. Will we have testimonials?

Bram: will be able to have people who are excited and committed. The less we can print the better. Looking into the A/V option for a few slides with people who are excited about DS7. and We can give the slides to others who are presenting to add to the end of their decks. Need to have commitments from those early adopters to use their information so we can put that together. Pascal: most users in Germany will be waiting. Bram: can we convince people to be excited enough to say they are excited, not when they will implement it. Pascal: I know of three German institutions who would be enthusiastic. Pascal: would like to see a simple mockup to approach them with this. ACTION: Heather and Carol will put together a simple mockup.

Bram: hard to find DSpace 7 information on the website. Need to change that. Carol: can change that at any time, once we have the right messaging.

Possible early adopters listed: Goal 2: Identify and promote early adopter endorsing institutions

Lead DSpace 7 marketing timeline overview with updates, discussion leading up to OR 2019

Carol: not much has changed, preview may be delayed so will edit the timeline. Pascal: should add something about updating for DS7, a permanent page. Heather: agree, will have something ready for preview release. David: need to buy other web domains? Pascal: this would start us needing to buy these every time. Better to just do

Pascal: the German dSPACE automotive company contacted Beate about DSpace. Told them to reach out to DuraSpace, which they have not yet. Lots of concern from this group about this. Will see if Erin has an opportunity to reach out.

DRAFT DSpace 7 Preview Release announcement for reviewHeather Greer KleinDraft blog post for suggestions, comments, etc

Pascal: want to stress the message of building on the previous version, should add as a bullet point

Bram: call to action for participation, documentation, translation, testing. Bram is already working on the wiki pages for this.

ACTION Heather will continue to work on this and include the suggestions made on the doc.

DSpace 7 Configurable Entities item type: continued discussion of best name for this feature

Heather Greer Klein

Proposed Configurable Entities Item Type Names with Pros/Cons

Please feel free to add, comment, edit, suggest etc. ahead of our discussion

ACTION: everyone add, suggest, and try to work to consensus from this list. Would be excellent to have the right term to use for the preview blog post.


Bram: agenda point for next meeting, assign goal owners for each of the five goals