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DateMilestoneWhat it means
(tick)  Friday, January 19, 2024Deadline for feature pull requestsIf you wish to contribute features to DSpace 8.0, you must submit a pull request by this date.
(tick)  Friday, February 9Feature PR Review/Test DeadlineInitial reviews/testing of PRs should be completed by all assigned reviewers.
(tick)  Friday, February 23
Feature PR Merge Deadline (Feature Freeze)DSpace 8.0 is considered feature-complete on this date. All Feature PRs should be merged. Only bug fixes will be pulled between this date and final release.
(tick)  March 3 - March 29Major dependency updatesThis is a period where the codebase will undergo major updates to support latest versions of Spring (supporting Jakarta EE) and Angular.
(tick)  April 1 - April 5Early documentation / bug fixesCode cleanup prior to Release candidate.
(tick)  By Friday, April 5
Release Candidate 1 taggedA DSpace 8.0 Release Candidate will be available for wider testing.
(tick) April 8-19
TestathonIntensive public testing of the 8.0 Release Candidate is invited.  The Release Team will focus on getting problems resolved.
Until May 31?Extended Bug FixingTestathon was very successful in finding bugs in pre-8.0.  We are currently running behind schedule as we work to ensure the major bugs have all been fixed.  The below deadlines are tentative estimates for when the release will be made available.  To see our current status, take a look at the high priority  tasks remaining on our 8.0 boardOnce high priority tasks are complete, 8.0 will be released.

Friday, May 31 (tentative)

Deadline for bug-fix pull requestsBug fixes should ideally be submitted by this date.
Friday, June 7 (tentative)Bug-Fix PR Merge Deadline (Code Freeze)Ideally all bug fixes are merged by this date.  Code is "frozen", with exceptions only made if major issues are discovered.
June 10-14 (tentative)Final Cleanup / DocumentationThis week is set aside for any final cleanup (or very late bug fixes) that need to be applied to the code.  Also used to finalize Documentation, Release Notes, etc.
Monday, June 17 or 24, 2024 (tentative)DSpace 8.0 is publicly releasedDSpace 8.0 is released for download and general use.