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  • Sayeed Choudhury

  • Kurt Ewoldsen

  • John Kunze
  • Brian McBride

  • Roger Schonfeld
  • Erin Tripp
  • Kate Wittenberg


  • Kickoff meeting

Discussion items

5mReiterate WG goalsKW

Find the most cost-effective way to deliver ARK services that provide value to the community.

10mMember introductionsAll 
15mEstablish meeting scheduleAll

SC: regular meetings would be desirable, this time works well in fact – every two weeks

RS, BM: same

RS: hard to tell what our deliverable will be

10mSelection of chairs/co-chairsAll

KW: don't think we'll be able to create a quote, more of a model, with multiple options

KE: will have multiple options, what is the value proposition?

ET: one deliverable is what resources/costs are needed; the community will want to know what CDL has invested

SC: we will forward to AG for action

ET: put timeline (eg, 3 months) on recommendations delivered to the AG

KW: agreed

RS: what are the fully loaded costs (not just direct, but also direct costs), and how will they change in the next 3-5 years? this is a complex question

KE: I think CDL can get the cost information together

RS: if we have shared understanding of cost analysis, would also need some rationale for how costs are growing or not growing – how long would it take to get this together

KE: John and I can attend the next few meetings to shed more light on the costs

SC: will have to deal in rough estimates and orders of magnitude

RS: what are the drivers of costs

KW: ACTION - John and Kurt will do presentation on costs and history at next meeting

20mLogistics (email list? call technology, note-taking, reporting to AG)All

JK: maybe interim chair continues for 1 or 2 more meetings

SC: seems good to wait until issues become clearer

KE: I can be co-chair / backup

RS: can we review at the next meeting for what the value proposition is?

KW: ACTION - prepare background for presentation

JK: ACTION - set up googlegroup for this WG

KW: think about other members we should add for a future meeting

Action items