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Draft notes in Google-Doc

  • 2019 sprint series

    • Planning first sprint for March: focus on architectural fly-in topics

    • Outstanding items from last sprint? Need to merge development branch

      • decoupling search: need to resolve smoke tests

      • Solr working; Elastic still needs to be implemented

      • Integrating search engines and “shapes” as defined by Product Evolution group

    • Shapes and JSON schema

    • Triple-pattern fragments: lingering issues

      • All data in triple store is publicly exposed

      • TPF server is currently configurable: maybe needs more documentation

      • Should data store be closed down by default? That would align with all best practices re: security, db administration

    • March sprint goals: Solr and Elastic; modularization; Docker

  • Upcoming releases: first, a maintenance release (maybe end of March); then, modularization

  • Dockerization: tested locally, needs more work

  • Product Evolution meeting

    • JSON specification, GraphQL

    • Adding shapes (resources): how to customize

  • Mailing list messages: cleaning the slate

    • Can Google Groups messages be forwarded to Slack?

    • Need to update jQuery plugins: Ralph will examine

    • Failed inferencing: mysteriously disappeared, problem solved

    • Don will handle facetview

    • Messages to be removed

  • Closing out softball items under 5a

    • 1674: update of image processing libraries

      • Breaks on 1.9: may require too much work to get backported

      • merged with Graham’s updates?

      • Original library is no longer supported; doesn’t work with Open-JDK

      • Ralph: should be done by next week

    • 1672: error catching; Benjamin on it

    • 1667: back to Graham

    • 1659: documentation update; over to Mike

    • 1525: Huda will take a look



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