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Carol and Michele are working for DuraSpace. Michele was part of the group that wrote the Marketing Strategy Report from 2015 that is linked above. One of Carols subjects at DuraSpace is marketing.

Pascal is running The Library Code, a DSpace service provider. He is member of the DSpace Committer, Leadership and Steering Group and proposed there to revive the ourtreach/marketing group.

Bram is part of Atmire, a DSpace service provider. He is representing Atmire at whole and will work together with his colleagues there on marketing. Is was a part of DCAT for a long time, is a member of DSpace Committer Group and was also part of the Group that wrote the Marketing Strategy Report from 2015. He wants to align what the DSpace community and what Atmire promote on DSpace.

Susanna is also coming working for a DSpace service provider: 4Science. She is member of the DSpace Steering and Leadership Group. As part of her work for 4Science she is already promoting DSpace and want to continue that work all together.

David has been managing DSpace at the University of Oklahoma since 2013 as part of the DSpace-based SHAREOK consortium representing the largest universities in Oklahoma, and will try to represent the viewpoints of similar institutions as part of this group.

  1. Announcements or news to share

Review of related reference documents

2. Discussion: Main objective for group, scope of work, priorities, timeline, related points:

•Develop overall marketing Strategy for DSpace?
•Do we need to develop a separate ,but related DSpace 7 marketing plan?
•How will we coordinate with the DSpace 7 tech team?
•Target date for presentation of plan to the DSpace Steering and Leadership group?


Bram added a link to the Marketing Strategy Report from 2015, that is showing out what was done for marketing of DSpace in the past. He also shared a document in which Atmire listed proposals of unique selling points of DSpace 7.

Michele reports a bit from the former DSpace Marketing Interest Group. They met regularly, but worked a lot offline on documents between the meetings. The were working on analysis of competitors, writing texts about DSpace history, and further more. It was hard in that time to put marketing in action as the whole project governance was much smaller than it is today. The analysis was very accurate and is mostly still actual (see link to Marketing Strategy Report from 2015 above).

Michele sees a lot of interest on DSpace today, in the whole community, in user groups and further more. This group should come out with an actual marketing plan. One part should be on marketing for the final release of DSpace 7, second part should scope the part after DSpace 7 as in a general marketing plan for DSpace. He suggests the group should meet regularly, but most of the work can be done offline between meetings. The group can start on the existing analysis and work with that, it is not necessary to redo that now.

Bram seconds, that the analysis doesn't have to be redone, because until DSpace 7 is released, not so much will had changed. He sees the split between marketing for DSpace 7 and a general plan for the time after OR19 as a very sensitive split. He proposes to create a very short fact-based overview of true facts about DSpace 7, to let SG/LG agree on that fact-based list and get the mandate to do the marketing based on that as the Working Group think it is good to be done. Based on this list we could target different audiences and work out materials for those based on this list. Bram hopes that SG/LG does not want to review all the materials as long as we keep promoting the facts agreed on in this list. The document from Atmire he share, is a suggestion as of this list worked out by Atmire.

Carol reports that the LG want this WG to take on with the task of promoting DSpace 7 and creating a general marketing plan for DSpace. We should make a marketing plan and get that reviewed by LG/SG. But basically we are mostly free to prepare the marketing as we think it should be done.

Pascal points out that we are almost a subgroup of LG and that it will be easy to share ideas and discussion points with LG and SG. He agrees on Bram's idea to make a fact-based list of points to advertise DSpace 7 with and get an acknowledgement by LG of this list. Once the WG is working on a concrete direction of the marketing, the WG might want to consult that with LG/SG. For example it might be good to check whether the general direction of the marketing for DSpace / DSpace 7 is aggressive enough or too aggressive in the opinion of LG. He notes that the LG specifically asked for marketing of DSpace 7 as well as for a general marketing plan of DSpace.

Susanna proposes to ask universities for additional help. Maybe they cannot participate regularly at the WG but are happy to help out with specific tasks and activities.

Michele loves the document that Atmire worked out and shared today. It really points out the main values of DSpace 7. He wants to add that the entities are being worked on having the forth version of the OpenAire guidelines in mind, showing out that DSpace has a perspective of future things to come. He supports Susanna's proposal to engage the community in marketing activities. To draft the marketing plan a small WG is fine. It is good that the DSpace Certified Partners (service providers) are involved here directly. We do need the engagement of the organisations represented in the project governance and of the whole community. It is this group that hast to work on this engagement and has to reach out.

Susanna and Carol mention that if the merger with LYRASIS is coming additional marketing opportunities may come up.

David tells that there is Samvera just had a Marketing Working Group and links there report. It might be general a good idea to list up what other repository software projects are doing.

Bram mention that the DSpace 7 release will be in 4 months, so our time is quite limited. Susanna adds that the budget for marketing might currently gets redirected in the DSpace 7 development, so that we might have no budget at all. Pascal proposes to concentrates on the marketing for DSpace 7 now as the time of 4 months are quite short and to pick up the general marketing after OR. Susanna mentions that this was done a year ago and DSpace 7 was delayed then. There is still a risk of DSpace 7 not being ready this summer. As reply to a question from David, Pascal points out, that promoting DSpace 7 addresses all DSpace users as it shows out that DSpace is alive and developing. It is showing out of what is going to come, independently of the DSpace version one is using right now.

Carol suggest to include "basics of DSpace" into the marketing of DSpace 7. Bram points into the direction of often used use cases. Susana proposed in the past to provide configurations of DSpace prepared for specific use cases like institutional repositories or digital collections of museums. But she points out that keeping those up to date is a lot of work that could only be done by the whole community together and not by this WG. Carol thinks one action item of this WG could be sketching out uses cases of DSpace 7. David thinks that actual live demos are more helpful than use cases to present functions and show out what DSpace is capable of.

Pascal has one major message he want to get out with the marketing of DSpace 7. Currently there is often a notion of non-DSpace users to say that DSpace would be old software, kind of the grandfather of repository software. In DSpace 6 the whole backend was updated, including the API and the database connection. In DSpace 7 the whole front will be rewritten completely. DSpace 6 and 7 together are a complete overhaul of DSpace, keeping a lot of well tested code, but combined it with modern technology. It is build on more than 15 years of experiences but done in a modern new way. I you still believe of DSpace using old technologies being a bit rusty, you should get up to date of recent developments in the repository or more specific DSpace community..

David seconds this. There is a generation of library directors that have this notion of DSpace. There is also a new generation that does not think that. We have to overcome this old generation.

Bram would like to see ambassadors that translate materials prepared by this WG into their foreign language. This needs time. Furthermore the preview release is upcoming and the beta release. We need testers for the beta, but the timeline will be tight. And then there is OR19 and the final release. We need to prepare the communication about al of that, we need to prepare the marketing that has to be ready right when there 7.0 is final. We should do a list of deliverables.

Michele will create a document in which we list dates to when we do want to put out messages, to develop a timeline for deliverables from those dates and to specify these deliverables from that list.

Carol: LG is hoping for a plan to be presented next months. This timeline could be that. Let's start working on that.

Michele: we do not have to wait on meetings from LG and SG, we can always use their mailing lists.

Bram: If the In case DSpace 7 PREVIEW comes as currently planned by the end of February, next month's LG meeting would be to late.

Pascal: Next WG meeting is Feb 20th. If Preview is coming end of Feb, and we can push this forward until our next meeting a bit on slack, we can use our next meeting and come up with a communication plan for the preview release.

3. Meeting frequency/date-timeAllThe group will start with a bi-weekly meeting schedule, every second Wednesday on 9 a.m. ET. The meeting was moved by half an hour to avoid interference with the DSpace Developer Meeting.
4. Other

Everyone of the Working Group is part of DSpace's slack team and in the channel #outrach. That will be used for the collaboration between meetings.

Taking notes will rotate between all members of this WG.