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Note:  Having served the purpose of exploring a possible fee-based membership organization for the ARK community, the Sustainability Working Group was retired as of 2020-02-03.  Any remaining action or discussion items have reverted to the Advisory Group.  Thanks to everyone who participated over the past months; your considered opinions and guidance helped us to clarify our objectives and refine our future plans.


The Sustainability Working Group (WG) determines the most cost-effective way to deliver ARK services that provide value to the community while keeping the required contribution from the community affordable. It conducts an ongoing conversation in the ARKs-in-the-Open (AITO) community about costs and how they will shape the “minimum viable product” and any additional services. This WG is concerned with long-term organizational and financial stability for ARKs and ARK infrastructure, whatever that will end up meaning precisely, and its work will be cognizant of legal and tax frameworks (eg, non-profit organizations).