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  1. Topics for the LG (all, 30 minutes)
    1. Development: moving forward after the architecture meeting
    2. Requesting resources for sprints throughout the year (esp March)
    3. Action planning final reports
  2. Charter revisions: looking for volunteers (Julia, 5 minutes)
    1. The charter needs to reflect the changes we have made to membership and governance. Julia to lead and ask for helpers.
  3. Voting again on the proposal to address the budget imbalance (Julia, 5 minutes)
    1. Discuss voting again and see if objections. At some point we should revise voting processes to indicate that votes can include abstaining (no preference). We’ll vote after the meeting.
  4. Ideas for providing technical training (Julia and Anna, 15 minutes)
    1. How can we give in-depth technical instructions to new developers who can’t come to Camp?


Started here (will copy over after call)

Item 1c: Julia asking for final updates/reports from action planning groups for LG meeting

  1. What goals?
  2. Goals or deliverables accomplished?
  3. How the process went?
  4. Next steps? Continue group?

Mike: round table vs open discussion format? Open discussion draw 1-2 comments from the same people each time. Round table takes 15-20 minutes. How to improve?