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Institution NameProduct/Service Name Brief Description
(what is it used for and by whom?)
Main Features
(any customized features or additions to base gems)
Samvera solutions/gems (Please list the gem names like Hyku, Hyrax, Avalon, Sufia, older gems) Storage Layer (Please list the storage like Fedora 3.2, Fedora 4.3 etc)
The Private Academy Network of Indiana (PALNI) and The Pennsylvania Academic
Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI)

A collaborative effort between the Private Academy Network of Indiana (PALNI) and the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI), the multi-tenancy of Hyku will make the platform available to member institutions and their users.

Multi-tenancy via Hyku

Enhanced theming customization

Oxford UniversityORA4 (Oxford Research Archive v.4)Preservation system based on Oxford Common Filesystem Layout (OCFL) and SWORD2
  • Symplectic Elements integration with Hyrax via SWORD2
  • Import/Export via SWORD2 (though this may not be optimal for a mass export/import)
  • Embellished Hyrax form system involving 23 types of object (e.g. journal articles, thesis, etc.) and around 220 fields
  • A "review process" system involving:
    • team member management
    • depositor login management
    • deposited-object management (i.e. metadata changes, referrals, embargo, publication, etc.)
  • A series of Solr-query based reports required for REF
  • A Blacklight-Project public front-end
  • A bespoke ORA Fedora 3 -> Fedora 4 migration process
  • Message queue based transfer of metadata and binaries between separate deposit and review servers



Lafayette College, Easton PA


Institutional repository and digital collections
  • Work types: Publication, Image/ScannedResource (forthcoming)
  • Batch ingest (Rake tasks at the moment)
  • Dashboard additions: fixity report, okcomputer status, role management
  • PDF.js viewer for documents
  • Featured collections
Hyrax 2.5.0 (attempting to stay in sync until launch)Fedora 4.7.3
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA

Digital WPI

Institutional repository for theses, dissertations, student projects and cultural heritage works
  • Work types: ETD, Student Work, Generic Work
  • Batch loader (The George Washington University) that we customized to ingest using a csv or json, logging and other features
  • API such that we can auto ingest ETDs and student projects from the ETD/student project submission application that we have.

Hyrax 2.4.1

  • Fedora 4.7.5 backed by PostgreSQL
  • Solr 6.6.2
EHESS, ParisDidomenaResearch data repository

McGill UniversityeScholarshipInstitutional repository for theses, dissertations, as well as other scholarly works authored by McGill faculty and students
  • Multiple Work types with various admin sets.
  • Batch uploading.
  • Custom workflows for mediated deposits.
  • Hyrax 2.3.3
  • Blacklight 6.18
  • Fedora - 7.4
  • Solr – 7
PostgreSQL 9.2.24
University of UtahLibrary Media StreamingThe library streaming site is used by students, staff, faculty, and the general public to stream media assets.
AvalonFedora 4.7.5
WGBH/American Archive of Public Broadcasting


A central metadata and digital collections management system, for use by over 120 contributors to the American Archive of Public Broadcasting to submit, manage, update, and export data about their inventories and digitized content.

Work Types modeling the PBCore metadata schema's hierarchy.

Batch ingest - create multiple parent and child works from a zipped folder of PBCore xml or a CSV file.

Hyrax - 2.4.x (trying to stay up to date)


Fedora 7.4.3
Georgia State University Library


We are building a custom Digital Collections Asset Management System based heavily on the Hyrax engine.

Work types: Artifact, Manuscript, Map, Moving Image, Oral History, Photo, Publication, Sound Recording

Bulk Upload (Create multiple works from a CSV)

OHMS XML uploading (Creates oral history or moving image work from an XML created in OHMS)

OHMS viewer

Youtube viewer for Moving Images

Controlled Vocabulary Management

Controlled Vocabulary Conformity checking

Blacklight range limit gem integration

Leaflet JS map viewer

Hyrax 3.0.0.pre.beta1



Fedora 4.7.4 (backed by PSQL)
University of Michigan and Indiana University


source code on github

Research Data Repository
HyraxFedora 4.7.4
University of MichiganDeep BlueInstitutional and Data Repository on Hyrax. Migrating IR from DSpace
HyraxFedora 4.7.4
University of Oregon and Oregon State UniversityOregon Digital 2Digital collections repositoryMigrating from Hydra 6Hyrax - bleeding edgepostgres?

Warburg Institute, University of London

(hosted by CoSector, University of London)

Warburg Library CommonsOffprints Repository.Work types: Journal Article, Conference Item, Published Work (via dog_biscuits)Hyrax 2.4.xFedora 4.7.4
University of Hull (with CoSector and Cottage Labs)

Hull City of Culture

(hull_culture gem, run against base app)

Digital Asset Management for dissemination copies of AIPs deposited into Archivematica.

Work types: Digital Archival Object, Package (via dog_biscuits)

Additional indexing drawn from Archivematica METS to display info about the DIP, AIP and SIP.

Hyrax 2.4.x



Fedora 4.7.5
Duke University


A digital repository where researchers, museum curators, and the general public can find, download, and upload 3D media representing physical objects, most commonly biological specimens

Universal viewer for 3D volumetric data

Submitting multiple related works at one time

8 work types modeling 3D image acquisition with events and entities using PREMIS/PROV community standards

Search and import of metadata from external community object repositories such as iDigBio or Europeana

Hyrax 2.4.xFedora 4.7.4
Emory UniversityCurateLibrary/specialist staff curation-focused product for digital asset/collections management, preservation, and export, utilized by multiple campus Libraries

Planned features:

Generic/abstract work type supporting Emory AIP convention (content/format agnostic)

Support for Emory metadata application profile (Descriptive, Rights, Administrative, Preservation Events, Technical/Characterization)

Customized FileSets for AIP components and derivatives

Automated preservation events and audits metadata

Manual preservation workflow structure

Object-level versioning



Restricted deletion

Descriptive metadata systems of record integration/harvest


Custom access controls (restrict to campus network, Reading Room)

Export to third party preservation and dissemination services

Hyrax 3.xFedora 4/5/6 object store + files on disk
Emory UniversityLuxFront-end consumer product providing discovery, interaction, and delivery of assets in Emory's preservation repository

Abstract/generic work display using Universal Viewer

Emory pattern library integration

Respect for local access controls

Navigation for hierarchical/nested objects

Penn StateETDflow Provides student and administrator workflows around approval and publication of electronic theses and dissertations.
Video preservation system

Mediated-deposit, institutional repository for faculty publications

National Library of Ireland
Digitization workflow

California Digital LibraryDASH

Durham University (UK)

Ohio State

University of Maryland, College Park

Maynooth University (Republic of Ireland)

Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas - El Colegio de México
Institutional repository & Digital Collections

UNC, Chapel Hill

California State University

Rutgers University

Oregon Health and Sciences University

Saint Peter's University

Temple University


UC Berkeley

George Washington University

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Dartmouth College

Arizona State University

Galter Health Sciences Library

Cleveland Museum of Art

Linn-Benton Community College