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  • 2018-11-27 Meeting Agenda and Notes

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Agenda / Notes:

  1. Add additional agenda items if needed.
  2. PR review and merge:
  3. Work on outstanding action items (list from last meeting was copied to this meeting)
    1. Cross linking - Call out external sources of documentation, with a brief descriptions of what they're talking about.
      •  Hyrax Github Wiki,,, Hyku Github Wiki
      •  For each external source, spend 1/2 hour or so, to identify a good spot for a link back
      •  Contact person who manages external documentation source, and ask them to put the link.
    1. Categorize all pages under the following:
      1. Community
      2. Users
      3. Developers
      4. Admins
      • At the next meeting, we see how well those categories are suited, if we need different categories
      • The purpose of the top-level categories is to better define the information architecture of the site.
      • We want to identify audience (e.g. Developers) and/or process (e.g. Testing)
      • Structurally, the home page will be replaced by a more modernized page displaying the top-level categories, and maybe a brief description of each.