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  1. Documentation for ontology updates
  2. Interest Group or Task Force
  3. Ontology license – update
  4. Identifiers – proposal is here:
    1. discusion
    2. next steps
  5. December 3 sprint
    1. VIVO-1287 new subClasses for items asserted to be skos:Concept.  No change in models.  Proposals:
      1. vivo:AcademicDegree is an EducationalProcess with an output of an AwardedDegree (could eventually lead to simplifying the model)
        vivo:Award is a credential with a relatedBy AwardReceipt (perhaps the receipt is the credential and the Award is a process)
        obo:ARG_2000376 (contact qualifier) is a Quality of an address
        vivo:Credential is a Process (should be renamed CredentialingProcess – this is one reason why people use numbered classes and predicates)
        vivo:DateTimeValuePrecision is a Quality of a DateTimeValue
  6. Future agenda items
    1. Language skills
    2. Projects and Grants


Marijane's notes are at the ISF wiki:

  1. In Progress or Review Ontology Issues