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  •  Complete upgrade of client code to SolrJ 7_x.
  •  Remove the dspace-solr artifact.
  •  Work out manual steps for installing empty cores in a free-standing Solr (for a new installation).
  •  See what manual steps can be moved into Ant's fresh_install scripts.
  •  Determine whether schema updates are required.
  •  Create dump/restore or migration tools for indexes which cannot be recreated (statistics, authority).
  •  Work out manual steps for copying/migrating/recreating cores with index records into a free-standing Solr.
  •  See what manual steps can be moved into Ant's update scripts.  This is only for transition from our outdated dspace-solr artifact to current stock Solr.
  •  Document the changes to DSpace fresh installation:  set up Solr separately if you don't already have it, install cores.
  •  Document the process for moving existing indexes to free-standing Solr during a DSpace upgrade from 6_x.