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Institution NameProduct/Service Name (please link to the live site)Brief Description
(what is it used for and by whom?)
Main Features
(any customized features or additions to base gems)
Samvera solutions/gems (Please list the gem names like Hyku, Hyrax, Avalon, Sufia, older gems) Storage Layer (Please list the storage like Fedora 3.2, Fedora 4.3 etc)
Princeton University Library


source code on github

Staff tool for building digital objects, which are served using IIIF, and embedded in our user-facing applications:

Blacklight: Catalog, Latin American Ephemera, and Digital Cicognara Library

GeoBlacklight: Digital Maps & Geospatial Data

Spotlight: Digital PUL

Content types: books/manuscripts, maps/geodata, ephemera, audio, numismatics, controlled vocabs

ARK minting with EZID

BagIt import/export

BrowseEverything ingest

Drag-and-drop page reordering, table-of-contents building


IIIF Manifest generation

MARC & EAD metadata import

OCR with Tesseract

PDF generation with Prawn

RabbitMQ event publishing

Workflows with AASM

valkyrie 1.2






Metadata: Postgres 10

Files: CIFS-mounted Isilon

University of Hull

Hydra at Hull

Source code on GitHub

Digital repository. Most content accessible to the world at large, some restricted to University users. Mediated deposit workflow.Content largely consists of theses, journal articles and past examination papers (the last restricted to University users only) although many other types of digital content are present in smaller numbers.



Fedora 3.7
University of Michigan

Deep Blue Data

Source code on GitHub

Research data repository for University of Michigan researchers. Deposit is mediated and access is open to all.Tombstone, DOI, Download all files, and Globus DownloadHyraxFedora 4.7.4
University of Michigan


Source code on GitHub

Fulcrum is an open source publishing platform that helps publishers present the full richness of their authors' research outputs in a durable, discoverable, accessible and flexible form.Web-based EPUB reader. Works segmented by Publisher with customized branding and publisher specific analytics. Mediated access of subscription materials. Bulk importer. Support for embedded multimedia FileSets in EPUBS. AblePlayer integration for audio/video, Leaflet IIIF for images. Jekyll static site integration. HyraxFedora 4.7.4
Northwestern UniversityARCHInstitutional Repository research output including dissertations, data sets, and published articles.DOI, download all files, AWS hostedHyrax

Fedora 4.7.4

Northwestern UniversityDONUTDigital Collections Backend and staff DAM.ARK minting, Elastic Search Indexer (for front end), tiled tif generation.HyraxFedora 4.7.4
Northwestern UniversityAVRAvalon-based media system for special collections and course reservesAWS hosted, Canvas integrationAvalonFedora 4.7.4
Oregon State University


Source code on GitHub

Institutional repository for scholarly content including graduate theses and dissertations, articles, presentations, technical reports, and research datasets. Migrated from DSpaceNested and ordered metadata fields;HyraxFedora 4.x.7.3

Oregon State University

University of Oregon

Oregon Digital

Source code on GitHub

Collaborative digital collections system for unique digitized and born-digital materials including photographs, articles, sheet music, manuscripts, ephemera, and more. Migrated from CONTENTdmLinked data support, controlled vocabularies, pan-and-zoom viewer, BookReader viewer, bulk ingest from Bags, Collections/Sets landing pages, CONTENTdm URL redirects, OAIHydra 6Fedora 3

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