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In the spiders directory you will also find two subdirectories.  agents contains files filled with regular expressions, one per line.  An incoming request's User-Agent header is tested with each expression found in any of these files until an expression matches.  If there is a match, the request is marked as being from a spider, otherwise not.  domains similarly contains files filled with regular expressions which are used to test the domain name from which the request comes.  You may add your own files of regular expressions to either directory if you wish to test requests with patterns of your own devising.

Many configuration names/keys have changed!


If you are upgrading from an earlier version of DSpace, you will need to be aware that many configuration names/keys have changed. Because Apache Commons Configuration allows for auto-overriding of configurations, all configuration names/keys in different *.cfg files MUST be uniquely named (otherwise accidental, unintended overriding may occur).

In order to compensate for this, all modules/*.cfg files had their configurations renamed to be prepended with the module name.  As a basic example, all the configuration settings within the modules/oai.cfg configuration now start with "oai.".

Additionally, while the local.cfg may look similar to the old, many of its configurations have slightly different names. So, simply copying your into a local.cfg will NOT work.

This means that DSpace 5.x (or below) configurations are NOT compatible with the Enhanced Configuration Scheme.  While you obviously can use your old configurations as a reference, you will need to start with fresh copy of all configuration files, and reapply any necessary configuration changes (this has always been the recommended procedure). However, as you'll see in the next section, you'll likely want to do that anyways in order to take full advantage of the new local.cfg file.


Command-line Access to Configuration Properties