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Keep in mind, because the frontend & backend can be run on separate servers, you can split this memory across two (or more) servers.  You can even choose to run PostgreSQL or Solr either alongside the backend or on their own dedicated server.

DSpace does not normally require large amounts of CPU. However, you likely will either want to run the frontend/backend on separate servers (therefore separate CPUs), or have a single server with ~4 CPU cores (at a minimum). Again, The DSpace frontend (UI) will often require several CPUs, especially if you wish to use "cluster mode" (see below) to better scale your application.  A smaller application may be able to use 4-6 CPU cores, while highly active sites may require additional CPU power. CPU is most often necessary for the frontend's Angular Serve Side Rendering (again see "cluster mode" notes below regarding the UI) and for any batch processing / command line scripts on backend.

Performance Tuning the Frontend (UI)