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Comment: Noted need to coordinate new browses with UI message catalogs


See the "Browse Index Configuration" section of the Configuration Reference for all "Browse By" configurations.  These Configurations control both which fields are indexed for browsing, as well as which Browse by options appear in the user interface.  Changing these configurations requires reindexing.

If you add new browse fields then you should coordinate changes here with the message catalog(s) in the UI.  You will need to add several entries:

keyvalue*label the browse field in the Browse menu of a community or collection page
menu.section.browse_global_by_*label the browse field in the "browse" dropdown at the top of the page
browse.metadata.*label the browse field in the body of the browsing page
browse.metadata.*.breadcrumbslabel the browse field in the page's "breadcrumb trail"

Modifying the Discovery User Interface (config/spring/api/discovery.xml)