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  • November 9, 2018 Partner Call

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Carolyn Caizzi


Facilitator: Simeon Warner


  • Steering progress towards vote on bylaws
  • Roadmap Council Charter (partner vote possibly combined with bylaws vote)
  • Progress towards re-charter of Contributions Working Group
  • Steering progress on charter of a Fundraising Working Group
  • Marketing Working Group status re. feedback for the Samvera FAQ
  • Plans for Virtual Connect around March/April 2019 (Ryan Steans and Chrissy Rissmeyer) 
  • Plans for Spring Partner meeting (Jon Dunn, Rosy Metz, Carolyn Caizzi)
      • April 15-16 (Mon-Tue) – IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis
      • April 18-19 (Thu-Fri) – IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis
      • April 29-30 (Mon-Tue) – IUPUI University Library, Indianapolis
      • April 29-30 (Mon-Tue) – Emory Libraries, Atlanta
  • Hyrax Development - Resources Request and Roadmap (Steve Van Tuyl and Tom Johnson)
  • Hyrax-Valkyrie integration - survey, scope, support
  • Rationalization of wiki landing page - specifically moving WG/IG list to a sub-page (Richard Green)
  • ...add things here...
  • Facilitator and Notetaker for December 14 meeting