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Announcements or news to shareCarol

NOW AVAILABLE: The DSpace Community Annual Report 2017 – July 2018

Hook Your Repository Up to the Repository Analytics & Metrics Portal (RAMP)

Digitisation and Digital Preservation Workshop 6-9 November 2018, Nairobi, Kenya

CALL for Participants: DSpace 7 Entities Working Group

Free Publications from 2018 Shanghai Ranked Institutions in DSpace

  • Many thanks to this group for their help in producing the DSpace Annual Report
  • All community Reports are available on the DuraSpace web site here;
  • Felicity reports that a new Outreach librarian has joined the staff at
  • UMizz runs both DSpace and Islandora repositories.
  • Having RSS difficulties; Checksum in DSpace very helpful.

DSpace 7 Update


DSpace 7 Entities Working Group (2018-19)

DSpace 7 Working Group (2016-2023)

REMINDER: Next DSpace 7 Community Sprints will be weeks of Oct 1 and 8

  • Currently on track for alpha release of DSpace 7 end of 2018
  • Committers are now back from summer leaves so more work will resume
  • We have had 2 Entities WG meetings
  • Currently analyzing early prototype from Atmire
  • Working towards establishing config urable entities solution since entities are handled very differently in different parts of the world. Everything is an" item" and linkages can be made within the same structure, can build types around items. Second round of work will be more refined.
  • The DSpace 7 Workin Group and Entities WG will eventually merge
  • DCAT feedback about entities work– Have you had people involved who are catalogers, profile system, authority control–concerned about standardization of names etc.
  • Best practices documentation to come
  • Update for DCAT on entities work from Tim would be useful

Discussion:  Comparing key Islandora IR features with DSpace 7 Felicity
  • Reviewed LASIR executive summary from Islandora
  • Stats–sorting out bot traffic is a problem in getting accurate usage data
  • DSpace 7 features are competitive
  • Entities work is comparable
  • UI pages in DSpace 7 are all html snippets
  • Need ability to facilitate contributions to larger content networks–a steering group issue, will set priorities, strategizing what comes next; possible requirement for future DSpace 7 release
  • Documentation should be streamlined
  • Digital Commons comparisons with DSpace 7 would be helpful for those looking for DC replacements




Request spot on DCAT agenda for Entities update from Tim Donohue

Email to DCAT list, 2018 September 13 – Felicity

Felicity Dykas