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  • September 14, 2018 Partner Call

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Benjamin Armintor Columbia University Libraries (late)

Margaret Mellinger  Oregon State University 

Glen Horton Cincinnati


Facilitator: Dan Coughlin


  • Samvera Connect reminders and brief progress update
    • Andrew: Reminders have gone out on Slack
      • Please register if you haven't (current registration: about 113, close to that in workshop signups)
      • Program up for a while, schedule coming soon (confirming that presenters will be registered and present)
  • Partner meeting at Connect
    • Carolyn: Ben and I are co-chairing
      • Please add your name to the partner meeting agenda, we would like to have an accurate head-count
      • The agenda is fleshed out for the whole day, starting at 8:30am (coffee and snacks provided)
      • There will be a remote connection option (tested recently, and it sounded OK)
  • Carolyn: Question: Heard the Working Group for Hyrax was being slowed down by free version of Travis, and potentially looking about using a different tool or paid version, should that request go to Steering?
    • John: I'm new to steering, but I think so, who will I get details from?
    • Carolyn: Will write up a request with more info and send to Steering
    • Dan: We also had problems with Travis, and a paid version didn't help — refactoring the test suite was a more effective approach
    • Will: Dan Daniel Pierce is working on that , this sprint and looking at CircleCI too2.0, which may resolve the issue
  • Andrew: Gotten question from my institution about what partner financial contributions would go towards, would like a resource to point people to
    • John: The Governance WG report and recommendations include that info, can send links to more detailed info — but maybe other people could use that info too?
    • Carolyn: Contribution Model WG will present at the partners meeting, and Richard will do an update about fundraising (related to eventually hiring staff), but specifics always welcome
    • Andrew: Will wait for partners meeting discussion, and bring info back to my institution