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  1. On-going
    1. Extraction from VIVO-ISF.  Linda Shapiro, University of Washington
    2. Triple store update process for ontology changes. Brian Lowe, documentation
    3. Versioning.
  2. Demo – ontology subsumption hierarchy viewer.  Fixing subsumption disconnects.
  3. Priorities for the ontology
    1. Modules, for example clinical trials, identifiers
    2. Cleaning, for example, adding definitions, providing super Classes, removing/replacing singletons, DOI definition as URL
    3. Internationalization, labels (and annotations?) in multiple languages
    4. Adding new terms/modules, for example, humanities
      1. Jira
        serverDuraSpace JIRA
    5. Improving modeling, for example vcard, academic degrees, organizations, relationships
    6. Alignments, for example
  4. ... additional items here ...


Marijane's notes are at the ISF GitHub wiki:

  1. In Progress or Review Ontology Issues