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  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • The next meeting will be Aug 1, 2018 11:00 AM EDT in the Zoom DSpace Meeting Room Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Note: 

Discussion items



Announcements or news to shareCarol

DSpace 7 Update


• Dspace 7 sprint underway

• Promotion and marketing will be needed to support ongoing DSpace 7 development; new working group; this effort will be led through the Leadership and Steering Group; A new Leadership and Steering Group will be in place by end of July

• DSpace 7 Beta release expected by end of 2018

• Release candidate by early 2019

• Production release soon after that (again, goal is early 2019)

2017 DSpace Annual Report

Summary - 1 page

Membership - 1 page of text, plus map

  • List of institutions

  • Four line introduction includes the members welcomed in 2017 and the total number of members.

  • Map showing members

Community Profiles - 1.75 pages

  • Profiles of two members - Q&A format

  • Georgetown, NL Finland

    • Why DSpace?

    • What are the strategic priorities that DSpace helped to support?

    • How is DSpace working in production?

    • What deployment advice would you give others in the community?

  • TBD

    • What is your role with DSpace at your institution?

    • Why did you decide on DSpace?

    • What strategic organizational or institutional goals did DSpace help you meet?

Governance, Finance, and Expenditures - 3/4 pages (Michele Mennielli Carol Minton Morris)

  • Narrative

  • Accounts (financial breakdown)

    • Income:

      • Membership Revenue

      • Service Provider Revenue

    • Expenditures

      • Staff

      • Contractors

      • Marketing and Communication

      • Travel

      • Office Expenses

      • Infrastructure and Support

      • Hardware Depreciation

    • Total

Progress on Key Initiatives - 1.25 pages

  • DSpace 7

Events - 1 page, including a half-page photo

  • User group meetings

  • other

Contributions to the Annual Report - a few lines


  • Rough manuscript is out for review and revision. Thanks to everyone who has commented–July 20, deadline for feedback
    • Reviewers:
      • Steering and Leadership
        • Present to current SG before next meeting July 5
        • Final review by new SG
      • Outreach
  • Manuscript revisions completed–July 20
  • Pagination/layout/design completed for review–week one, August
  • Pagination/layout/design revisions completed–mid-August
  • Distribution–September


Due to travel and several other events/obligations Mariya and Carol had a nice chat by themselves in the Zoom room.