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These training modules are under active development. They will serve as reusable course materials that can be delivered by Fedora 4 instructors .

Training Topics

This section lays out some possible topics for Fedora 4 training, both for administrators and developers.

General Topics

  • Feature discussion
    • Showcase a selection of features and explain why they are important
    • Request feedback on other features that may be important
    • Show how to configure Fedora 4 to expose/enable particular features
    • Teach how to use particular features

Topics for Administrators

  • Content modelling
  • Configuring authorization
  • Working with external triplestores
  • Working with internal and external repository search
  • Linked Data Platform tutorials
  • Configuring back-end storage
  • Getting good ingest throughput and handling large data

Topics for Developers


or anyone in the community who would like to use them. Please feel free to copy and modify the Google slides for your own use.