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The Sync Tool is a utility which was created in order to provide a simple way to move files from a local file system to DuraCloud and subsequently keep the files in DuraCloud synchronized with those on the local system.



As of DuraCloud version 7.0.0, the Sync Tool requires Java 11 to run. The latest version of Java can be downloaded from here.

  • You must have Java version 11 or above installed on your local system. If Java is not installed, or if a previous version is installed, you will need to download and install Java. To determine if the correct version of Java is installed, open a terminal or command prompt and enter

    Code Block
    java -version

    The version displayed should be 11.0.0 or above. If running this command generates an error, Java is likely not installed.

  • You must have downloaded the Sync Tool. It is available as a link near the top of this page.