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In DSpace 1.8.0, there have been a few significant changes to how you upgrade and configure DSpace. Notably:

  • Wiki Markup*The dspace.cfg has been "split up":* Many "module" configurations have now been moved out of the 'dspace.cfg' and into separate configuration files in the {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/}} directory.
    • [Authentication Configurations|DSDOC18:Authentication Plugins] are now in {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/authenticate*.cfg}} files Wiki Markup
    • [Bulk Metadata Editing Configurations|DSDOC18:Batch Metadata Editing Configuration] are now in the {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/bulkedit.cfg}} fileunmigrated-wiki-markup[
    • Discovery Configurations|DSDOC18:Discovery] are now in the {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/discovery.cfg}} file Wiki Markup
    • [OAI-PMH / OAI-ORE Configurations|DSDOC18:OAI] are now in the {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/oai.cfg}} fileunmigrated-wiki-markup[
    • Solr Statistics Configurations|DSDOC18:DSpace Statistics] are now in the {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/solr-statistics.cfg}} file
    • Wiki MarkupSWORD ([client|DSDOC18:SWORDv1 Client] & [server|DSDOC18:SWORDv1 Server]) Configurations are now in {{\[dspace\]/config/modules/sword*.cfg}} files
    • All other DSpace configurations are still in the dspace.cfg configuration file.
  • Behavior of 'ant update' has changed: The ant update upgrade command now defaults to replacing any existing configuration files (though the existing configuration files will first be backed up to a file with the suffix *.old).
    • In prior versions of DSpace (before 1.8.0), this ant update command would leave existing configuration files intact (and you would have to manually merge in new configuration settings, which would be in a file with the suffix *.new). If you prefer this previous behavior, you can still achieve the same result by running:
      • ant -Doverwrite=false update.
    • Wiki Markup*WARNING:* If you choose to run {{ant \ -Doverwrite=false update}} please be aware that this will not auto-upgrade any of your configuration files. This means you must closely watch the output of this command, and ensure you manually upgrade all configuration files in the {{\[dspace\]/config/}} directory as well as all Solr configurations/schemas in the {{\[dspace\]/solr/search/conf/}} and {{\[dspace\]/solr/statistics/conf/}} directories.

New features in DSpace 1.8