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  1. Lead timeline discussion

The DSpace Steering Group is meeting directly after this meeting to consider the current DSpace 7 release timeline. Tim notes that this is behind schedule and will likely be updated later today.

  • "Preview" release by early 2019 (around Feb). The "preview" release may not include all eventual DSpace 7 features, but gives the opportunity for early feedback from users / testers. One key feature of this "preview" release will be to show off an early version of Configurable Entities (see also DSpace 7 Entities Working Group).
  • Beta release in first quarter of 2019 (tentative date - may change). The beta release will be feature-complete and provide an opportunity for more extensive testing / debugging / banging on the system.
  • Final 7.0 release prior to OR2019 (tentative date - may change). Our goal remains to have a final release to show off at the OR2019 conference in Hamburg. This date is still tentative as it depends heavily on meeting earlier release goals.

2. Early adopters/goalsBram Luyten (Atmire)

3.Marketing tasks timeline discussion. Can we undertake general marketing tasks independent of release timeline with the understanding that there will be a product release or pre-release highlighted at OR2019, June 10-13

  • Brainstorm list of marketing ideas–2ideas/tasks–2/20
  • Draft content for questions we are asked–4/6
  • Draft content for one-sheet–4/6
  • Draft content for tri-fold–4/6
  • Vendors for Marketing Handouts–3/20
  • Sample costs of marketing items–3/20
  • Other
Carol Minton Morris