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  1. Lead timeline discussion

The DSpace Steering Group is meeting directly after this meeting to consider the current DSpace 7 release timeline. Tim notes that this is behind schedule and will likely be updated later today.

  • "Preview" release by early 2019 (around Feb). The "preview" release may not include all eventual DSpace 7 features, but gives the opportunity for early feedback from users / testers. One key feature of this "preview" release will be to show off an early version of Configurable Entities (see also DSpace 7 Entities Working Group).
  • Beta release in first quarter of 2019 (tentative date - may change). The beta release will be feature-complete and provide an opportunity for more extensive testing / debugging / banging on the system.
  • Final 7.0 release prior to OR2019 (tentative date - may change). Our goal remains to have a final release to show off at the OR2019 conference in Hamburg. This date is still tentative as it depends heavily on meeting earlier release goals.

2. Independent marketing timeline discussionMarketing timeline discussion. Can we undertake general marketing tasks independent of release timeline with the understanding that there will be a product release or pre-release highlighted at OR2019, June 10-13

  • Brainstorm list of marketing ideas–2/20
  • Draft content for questions we are asked–4/6
  • Draft content for one-sheet–4/6
  • Draft content for tri-fold–4/6
  • Vendors for Marketing Handouts–3/20
  • Sample costs of marketing items–3/20
  • Other
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