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  • March 2018 Samvera Partner Meeting Agenda

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  1. Nabeela Jaffer, Michigan
  2. John Weise, Michigan
  3. Linda Newman, Cincinnati
  4. Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern
  5. Karen Cariani, WGBH
  6. Dave Hicking, Yale
  7. Dan Coughlin, Penn State
  8. Jon Dunn, Indiana
  9. Mike Giarlo, Stanford
  10. Esmé Cowles, Princeton
  11. Jeremy Friesen, Notre Dame
  12. Richard Green, Hull
  13. Robin Ruggaber, Virginia
  14. Margaret Mellinger, Oregon State
  15. Simeon Warner, Cornell
  16. Tom Cramer, Stanford
  17. Ryan Steans, Northwestern/ Avalon
  18. Rosalyn Metz, Emory University (Chair)
  19. Please add your name if you intend to be there