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titleHighly Recommended to Update Database Sequences after a Large Restore

In some cases, when you restore a large amount of content to your DSpace, the internal database counts (called "sequences") may get out of sync with the Handles of the content you just restored. As a best practice, it is highly recommended to always re-run the "update-sequences.sql" script on your DSpace database after a larger scale restore. This database script should be run while DSpace is stopped (you may either stop Tomcat or just the DSpace webapps). PostgreSQL/Oracle must be running. The script can be found in the following locations for PostgreSQL and Oracle, respectively:

Cleaning up from a failed import

Sometimes your packager import of AIP packages can fail, due to lack of memory (see below for advice on better performance, please use JAVA_OPTS to set your memory higher than the default). If that happens, DSpace by design will leave the bitstreams it did import sucessfully, but they will be oprphaned, and will just occupy space in your assetstore. The standard DSpace cleanup cron job will clean up these orphaned bitstreams, however, you can also clean them up manually by running the following command:

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titleClean up after a failed import
[dspace]/bin/dspace cleanup -v

Performance considerations