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Example usage from command line in XML format with pretty printing:

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curl -s -H "Accept: application/xml" http://localhost:8080/rest/communities | xmllint --format - 



Example usage from command line in JSON format with pretty printing: 

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curl -s -H "Accept: application/json" http://localhost:8080/rest/communities | python -m json.tool


For this documentation, we will assume that the URL to the "REST" webapp will be http://localhost:8080/rest/ for production systems, this address will be slightly different, such as: http The path to an endpoint, will go after the /rest/, such as /rest/communities, all-together this is: http://localhost:8080/rest/communities


GET/REST API static documentation page

Login to the REST API using a DSpace EPerson (user). It returns a JSESSIONID cookie, that can be used for future authenticated requests.

Example Request:

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# Can use either POST or GET (POST recommended). Must pass the parameters "email" and "password".
curl -v "https://dspace. -X POST --data """

Example Response:

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HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8; Path=/rest/; Secure; HttpOnly

Example of using JSESSIONID cookie for subsequent (authenticated) requests:

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curl -v --cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8""
--cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"
# This should return <authenticated>true</authenticated>, and information about the authenticated user session

Invalid email/password combinations will receive an HTTP 401 Unauthorized response.

Please note, special characters may need to be HTTP URL encoded. For example, an email address like (notice the + special character) would need to be encoded as


Logout from the REST API, by providing a JSESSIONID cookie. After being posted this cookie will no longer work.

Example Request:

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curl -v -X POST -v "-cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"" --cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"
After posting a logout

After posting a logout request, cookie is invalidated and the "/status" path should show you as unauthenticated (even when passing that same cookie). For example:

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curl -v --cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"" --cookie
# This should show <authenticated>false</authenticated>

Invalid token will result in HTTP 400 Invalid Request


Returns string "REST api is running", for testing that the API is up.

Example Request:

Code Block

Example Response:

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REST api is running.

Receive information about the currently authenticated user token, or the API itself (e.g. version information).

Example Request (XML by default):

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curl -v --cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"" --cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"

Example Request (JSON):

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curl -Xv GET -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" --vcookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"" --cookie "JSESSIONID=6B98CF8648BCE57DCD99689FE77CB1B8"

Example JSON Response:

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{"okay":true,"authenticated":true,"email":"","fullname":"DSpace Administrator","sourceVersion":"6.0","apiVersion":"6"}


Communities in DSpace are used for organization and hierarchy, and are containers that hold sub-Communities and Collections. (ex: Department of Engineering)