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For the purpose of more accurate statistics, a web-based tool may specify who is using it, by adding parameters to the request:

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If no parameters are given, the details of the HTTP request's sender are used in statistics. This enables tools to record the details of their user rather than themselves.

Deploying the DSpace REST API in your Servlet Container

The dspace-rest module is automatically configured to compile and build with DSpace 4.0, so a mvn+ant process will create the webapp. To make it work in your environment, you would just need to add a context entry for it in your servlet container. For example, in tomcat, one might alter $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml and add:

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<Context path="/rest" docBase="/dspace/webapps/rest"/>

Additional Information

Additional information can be found in the README for dspace-rest, and in the GitHub Pull Request for DSpace REST (Jersey).