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The information in the authority cache can be updated by running the following command line operation:

Command used:
          [dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun org.dspace.authority.UpdateAuthorities
-iupdate specific solr records with the given internal ids (comma-separated)
-hprints this help message


  • With the authority.controlled property every metadata field that needs to be authority controlled is configured. This involves every type of authority control, not only the fields for ORCID integration.
  • The choices.plugin should be configured for each metadata field under authority control. Setting the value on SolrAuthorAuthority tells DSpace to use the solr authority cache for this metadatafield, cfr. Storage of related metadata.
  • The choices.presention should be configured for each metadata field as well. The traditional values for this property are select|suggest|lookup. A new value, authorLookup, has been added to be used in combination with the SolrAuthorAuthority choices plugin. While the other values can still be used, the authorLookup provides a richer user interface in the form of a popup on the submission page.
  • The browse indexes need to point to the new authority-controlled index: webui.browse.index.2 = author:metadata:dc.contributor.*,dc.creator:text should become webui.browse.index.2 =
  • More existing configuration properties are available but their values are independent of this feature and their default values are usually fine: choices.closed , authority.required, authority.minconfidence .