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  1. Install a completely "fresh" version of DSpace by following the Installation instructions in the DSpace Manual
    • At this point, you should have a completely empty, but fully-functional DSpace installation. You will need to create an initial Administrator user in order to perform this restore (as a full-restore can only be performed by a DSpace Administrator).
  2. Once DSpace is installed, run the following command to restore all its contents from AIPs

    Code Block
     [dspace]/bin/dspace packager -r -a -f -t AIP -e <eperson> -i <site-handle-prefix>/0 -o skipIfParentMissing=true /full/path/to/your/


    1. While the "-o skipIfParentMissing=true" flag is optional, it is often necessary whenever you are performing a large hierarchical site restoration. Please see the Additional Packager Options section below.

Please note the following about the above restore command: