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Issue / Error Message

How to Fix this Problem

Ingest/Restore Error: "Group Administrator already exists"

If you receive this problem, you are likely attempting to Restore an Entire Site, but are not running the command in Force Replace Mode (-r -f). Please see the section on Restoring an Entire Site for more details on the flags you should be using.

Ingest/Restore Error: "Unknown Metadata Schema encountered (mycustomschema)"

If you receive this problem, one or more of your Items is using a custom metadata schema which DSpace is currently not aware of (in the example, the schema is named "mycustomschema"). Because DSpace AIPs do not contain enough details to recreate the missing Metadata Schema, you must create it manually via the DSpace Admin UI. Please note that you only need to create the Schema. You do not need to manually create all the fields belonging to that schema, as DSpace will do that for you as it restores each AIP. Once the schema is created in DSpace, re-run your restore command. DSpace will automatically re-create all fields belonging to that custom metadata schema as it restores each Item that uses that schema.

Ingest Error: "Could not find a parent DSpaceObject referenced as 'xxx/xxx'"

When you encounter this error message it means that an object could not be ingested/restored as it belongs to a parent object which doesn't currently exist in your DSpace instance. During a full restore process, this error can be skipped over and treated as a warning by specifying the '-o skipIfParentMissing=true' option (see Additional Packager Options). If you have a larger number of Items which are mapped to multiple Collections, the AIP Ingester will sometimes attempt to restore an item mapping before the Collection itself has been restored (thus throwing this error). Luckily, this is not anything to be concerned about. As soon as the Collection is restored, the Item Mapping which caused the error will also be automatically restored. So, if you encounter this error during a full restore, it is safe to bypass this error message using the '-o skipIfParentMissing=true' option. All your Item Mappings should still be restored correctly.

Submit Error: PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "handle_handle_key"

This error means that while submitting one or more AIPs, DSpace encountered a Handle conflict. This is a general error the may occur in DSpace if your Handle sequence has somehow become out-of-date. However, it's easy to fix. Just run the [dspace]/etc/postgres/update-sequences.sql script (or if you are using Oracle, run: [dspace]/etc/oracle/update-sequences.sql).