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The following sections describe the steps needed to configure and use the new Embargo functionality in DSpace 3.0.

Note: when the embargo will be set at item level or bitstream level a new ResourcePolicy will be added.


titleJSP UI support
The new embargo is supported on JSPUI since DSpace 4.0.



As a first step, the following script needs to be executed to ensure that your DSpace database gets extended with 3 new fields, required by the new embargo.  This is part of the normal process of upgrading from DSpace 1.8.x to 3.0.

 - dspace/etc/[postgres-oracle]/database_schema_18-3.sql

For PostgreSQL databases, the executed commands are:

Code Block
ALTER TABLE resourcepolicy ADD rpname VARCHAR(30);
ALTER TABLE resourcepolicy ADD rptype VARCHAR(30);
ALTER TABLE resourcepolicy ADD rpdescription VARCHAR(100);
ALTER TABLE item ADD discoverable BOOLEAN;

update item set discoverable=true;

For Oracle databases, the executed commands are:



As already mentioned the user will be given the opportunity to choose between: