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Comment: Added warning to not remove all XSLTDisseminationCrosswalks without disabling the XSLTDisseminationCrosswalk plugin.


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crosswalk.dissemination.qdc.namespace.dc =
     crosswalk.dissemination.qdc.namespace.dcterms =
     crosswalk.dissemination.qdc.schemalocation = \

If you remove all XSLTDisseminationCrosswalks please disable the XSLTDisseminationCrosswalk in the list of selfnamed plugins. If no XSLTDisseminationCrosswalks are configured but the plugin is loaded the PluginManager will log an error message ("Self-named plugin class "org.dspace.content.crosswalk.XSLTDisseminationCrosswalk" returned null or empty name list!").

Testing XSLT Crosswalks

The XSLT crosswalks will automatically reload an XSL stylesheet that has been modified, so you can edit and test stylesheets without restarting DSpace. You can test a crosswalk by using a command-line utitlity. To test a dissemination crosswalk you have to run: