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Outstanding Questions

  • How are Library Virtual Collections exposed to the public?
    • How do they have a separate identity from the main site?  For instance, the Engineering Library website with listings of multiple engineering related virtual collections?
    • How is search limited to a specific Library Virtual Collection?
  • How do librarians keep Library Virtual Collections private before it is ready for public consumption?
  • How does the creator of a Library Virtual Collection identify collaborators?
  • How are controlled vocabularies defined?
    • How does a librarian add a new tag to a controlled vocabulary?
    • How does a librarian add a new controlled vocabulary with tags?
    • Are controlled vocabularies specific to a single Library Virtual Collection or shared across all Library Virtual Collections?
    • Where are controlled vocabularies stored/managed?
    • How are definitions for controlled vocabularies made available on the web as a definition of the meaning of a tag exposed as linked data?