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This page is outdated. You are probably looking for information of Discovery in your particular version of DSpace:

Discovery in DSpace 3.x

Discovery in DSpace 1.8.x

Discovery in DSpace 1.7.x


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DSpace Discovery is a Maintained Addon for DSpace XMLUI that replaces the default Search and Browse behavior with Apache Solr.


  • Discovery will be compiled/installed into DSpace 1.7.0 XMLUI but left disabled by default
  • The Appropriate Solr Search Core will be available and prepared to be started
  • All dependencies for turning on Discovery will be available without recompilation by doing the following steps:
  • Solr will be upgraded to the latest 1.4.1 release
  • Documentation will be included which outlines exactly how to turn on Discovery and run it

Introduction Video


  • class: org.dspace.discovery.configuration.DiscoveryConfiguration
  • scope:prototype

    Code Block
    <bean id="{identifier}" class="org.dspace.discovery.configuration.DiscoveryConfiguration" scope="prototype">

    Configuring sidebar facets

Add a new element named property and the attribute name="sidebarFacets" and add a subelement list. This property is mandatory by the discovery configuration.