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  • Fall 2020 Partner Meeting

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  • Report back on the Community Manager appointment process  Jeremy Friesen - 10 mins
    • A representative of the search committee will explain the rigorous approach taken
  • Status check - updating Samvera's Code of Conduct  (Hannah Frost & Jessica Hilt)
    • Samvera is moving ahead with a review of the CoC with the assistance of a specialist organization.  This will be an explanation of the process so far and an overview of what is to come
  • Introducing Samvera's new Community Manager, Heather Greer Klein
  • Governance review group report  
    • The Governance Review Group surveyed the broad Community to see how well they thought the governance changes were progressing.  This will be a brief report back.  (Esmé Cowles)
    • What the review group did not do was to ask if the governance changes were achieving the goals that the Community had for them.  This discussion will explore this second question. (Rosalyn Metz & Carolyn Caizzi)
  • Connect 2020 - update  (Brian McBride and the Program Committee)
  • Fall Dev Congress - update  -  Anna Headley  5mins
  • Julie Allinson Award  (Steering)
  • European update - Samvera/Fedora user groups (Chris Awre)
  • Fundraising Team  (Hannah Frost)
    • Discussion of its work in 2020 and proposal to re-charter before 2021 (Steering)
    • IMLS National Leadership Grant application - status check (Jon Dunn - would need to do Wed because I am unavailable Thu)
  • Reports
    • Hyrax  Juliet Hardesty - 20 mins
    • Avalon - Jon Dunn (Wednesday)
    • Valkyrie - 10 minutes Trey Pendragon
    • Hyku  Rob Kaufman, Kevin Kochanski 20 minutes
    • Roadmaps alignment group
    • Hyrax Interest Group & Maintenance WG (see Hyrax above)
    • Hyku Interest Group
    • Component Maintenance Working Group  - James Griffin
    • Marketing WG Chris Awre
    • UX WG  Adam Arling
    • Metadata IG  Nora Egloff
    • Controlled Vocabulary Decision Tree WG - Juliet Hardesty
    • Repository Managers' Interest Group - Moira Downey
    • ...
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