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  1. (Angular) Adding Accessibility via Travis CI (work in progress) (Lower priority)
  2. (warning) (Angular Bug) ( Art Lowel (Atmire) )
  3. (REST Contract) Edit Homepage news: (Ben Bosman  - has outstanding questions/comments) (Lower priority)
  4. (REST) DS-4043: Revisit the security layer of the submission  (work in progress) Andrea Bollini (4Science)
  5. (REST) Pagination bug with withdrawn items: (Dimitris Pierrakos , Ben Bosman - Feedback provided)
  6. (REST Contract) ResourcePolicy endpoint - coming before next meeting

PRs Needing Review

  1. (REST Contract) Group and eperson management: (Tim Donohue - feedback provided,  Andrea Bollini (4Science) - (warning) feedback provided)
  2. (NEW) (REST Contract) Workflow step definitions
  3. (REST Contract) Contract for resourcepolicies:  (Ben Bosman , Tim Donohue - minor feedback provided)
  4. (blue star) (NEW) (REST Contract) Contract for authorizations endpoints
  5. (REST) Scripts and processes endpoint FEEDBACK HAS BEEN PROCESSED (Tim Donohue - (warning) concerns about creating a lot of new Controllers, Dimitris Pierrakos) - Was reviewed by Ben Bosman internally.
  6. (REST) Ds 4317 bundles in rest ((tick) Ben BosmanTim Donohue - (warning) concerns about creating a lot of new Controllers, Chris Wilper )
    1. Also requires PR#509 (Angular), otherwise Angular demo will break
  7. (blue star) (REST) (HIGH PRIORITY) REST Projections initial PR: (Andrea Bollini (4Science) , Ben Bosman , Tim Donohue )
  8. (NEW) (REST) CRUD for collection item template
  9. (Angular) Shibboleth integration support:  (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) reviewed again fixed error with yarn start, Fernando FCT/FCCN, Paulo Graça - feedback provided)
  10. (Angular) forceBypassCache should be removed from the RequestService: ((tick)Art Lowel (Atmire) - approved again,  Giuseppe Digilio (4Science)(tick) approved )
  11. (Angular) Routing by handle and uuid: (Art Lowel (Atmire) (tick)Giuseppe Digilio (4Science), Tim Donohue , Andrea Bollini (4Science) - might be able to help with pid endpoint)
  12. (Angular) Tracking stats from the UI (Tim Donohue , Paulo Graça )
  13. (Angular) (HIGH PRIORITY) Refactor object lists (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) (tick) approved, (tick) Tim Donohue)
  14. (Angular) Add community & collection tree (Tim Donohue , NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  15. (Angular) (HIGH PRIORITY) i18n sync script 
    title1 approval
      (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science), (tick) Tim Donohue , (tick)Bram Luyten (Atmire)Paulo Graça  )
  16. (Angular) Edit collection - content source tab
    title1 approval
      (Paulo Graça , NEEDS SECOND REVIEWER)
  17. (Angular) Refactor Submission Parsers (HIGH PRIORITY) (Giuseppe Digilio (4Science) , Tim Donohue )
  18. (Angular) Add support for bundles (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
    1. Depends on PR#2548 (REST API)
  19. (Backend) dspace.bat file: 
    title1 approval
     (Tim Donohue - will test on Windows, Alexander Sulfrian, Chris Wilper , Andrea Bollini (4Science) - will test on linux) 
  20. (NEW)(Angular) Prevent encoding of query after login redirect. (Minor bugfix) 
    title1 approval ((tick) Art Lowel (Atmire))
  21. (NEW)(Angular) Add/Edit Community and Collection Logos (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  22. (NEW)(Angular) Search Sidebar refactor (NEEDS REVIEWERS)
  23. (REST) REST endpoint for discovering withdrawn and private items.