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InstitutionPoster title(s)Contact(s)Notes
Indiana University, Northwestern UniversityAvalon: What's new and what's nextMaria Whitaker
University of MichiganMichigan Samvera ProjectsNabeela Jaffer
Princeton University LibraryDigital NecromancyEsmé Cowles
Oregon DigitalMigration progress from Hydra to HyraxMargaret Mellinger
University of CincinnatiCustomizations to HyraxGlen Horton
Stanford LibrariesIntegrating Digitization Workflows with the Stanford Digital RepositoryHannah Frost
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillMigrating the Carolina Digital Repository to HyraxRebekah Kati
PALCICollaborative Consortial Institutional RepositoryGretchen Gueguen
Notch8Bulkrax: A "Batteries Included" Importer for SamveraKevin Kochanski
Smithsonian LibrariesInvestigating Samvera for the Biodiversity Heritage LibraryJoel Richard
University of Virginia LibraryAdvancing HykuEllen Ramsey
Northwestern UniversityToward a Preservation-First RepositoryAdam Arling
Emory University(TBD)Emily Porter
WGBHHow long will this bulk Hyrax ingest take?Sadie Roosa
UC San Diego & UC Santa BarbaraProject SurflinerJessica Hilt
Boston Public Library & University of UtahNewspaper WorksBrian McBride
US Department of Transportation

National Transportation Library Repository

Kevin Kochanski
Indiana UniversityFlexible Metadata in the ESSI ProjectJames Halliday