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Goals and Outcomes

  • Provide a welcoming, collaborative, and supportive space to discuss Wikidata related topics
  • Gain a basic understanding of Wikidata in the context of the Wiki community and its norms
  • Help other institutions begin to work in Wikidata by developing a Wiki* inventory of competencies and technologies necessary for those working with library and archival metadata to build a skill set that can be used in Wikidata and other linked data work
  • Discuss and document what types of communication channels are available and what community support and open source tools are needed to implement integration of library and archival metadata with Wikidata at scale across a broad spectrum of libraries and archives
  • Invite and encourage a variety of institutions and projects, including, public libraries, archives, and community projects, to participate in the group to ensure different perspectives are shared and needs identified
  • Document and share work with the Wikidata community where it will be open to reuse and feedback
  • Gain an understanding of processes to get data out of Wikidata via data dumps and APIs to reuse in library applications as well as the processes to donate data to contribute library and archival data back to Wikidata